Qualities To Look For In A Leadership Development Speaker

When the time comes to gather up your employees for an all-company meeting or retreat, your first and most challenging concern is how to keep your employees focused, motivated, and interested in the speeches, lectures, and activities you have planned. After all, you know what it is like to sit silently through boring meetings and lectures, half paying attention and half trying not to let your wandering mind lull you to sleep. As such, one of the factors you need to consider is hiring the right leadership development speaker for your all-company gathering. You need a speaker that has a certain set of qualities that makes them helpful and interesting to your employees. Get to know some of these important qualities.

Recognizable Achievements In Leadership

First and foremost, for your employees to take a leadership development speaker seriously, that speaker needs to have a resume that shows they know what they are talking about. In other words, they must have made recognizable achievements in leadership themselves throughout their career to be a reliable source of information. 

Your employees want to know that the person speaking to them and giving advice has garnered this wisdom not only through research and reading, but also through personal experience and struggles. Not only does this make listeners trust their speaker, but it also makes what the speaker says more interesting. 

A leadership development speaker who can draw from personal experience and tell anecdotal stories from their own careers to demonstrate or support a claim is more interesting, dynamic, and memorable to those listening. So, be sure that any leadership development speaker you bring in has an impressive leadership resume to draw inspiration from. 

The Use Of Humor

Nobody likes to listen to an overly serious or monotonous speaker, no matter how important or interesting the subject matter. Leadership development speakers should be dynamic and relatable to draw in listeners and hold their attention. And nothing is more universally appealing or will grab attention better than the use of humor.

A humorous speaker will help to improve information retention among your employees. The humor will be memorable to them, particularly a favorite funny joke or anecdote, which will also help them to remember the points and ideas that surrounded the humorous moments. Your employees will also feel more united as a group as they share in laughter, will feel less stressed about the company meeting, and will be motivated to improve their leadership skills and excel in their careers. 

Passionate and Genuine

Finally, the right leadership development speaker for your all-company meeting or retreat must be genuine in what they say and how they present themselves. When you want your employees to feel inspired, you cannot provide a speaker who seems like they do not genuinely care about what they are saying or about helping their audience. Your employees will spend their time picking apart the speaker rather than hearing the words they speak or the message they have.

In addition to being genuine, the right leadership development speaker is also going to be obviously passionate about what they are telling the audience. They will love developing leadership skills, will be passionate about the industry they work in, and will seem truly satisfied with the work they do and the amount of people they are able to help. 

When you hire a leadership development speaker for your all-company meeting or retreat, keep these important speaker qualities in mind. If you do, you will be sure to hire a speaker that inspires your employees and holds their attention throughout their talk.