3 Tips For Starting An Employee Wellness Program

If your company is preparing to launch a new employee wellness program, you may want to hire a human resources (HR) consulting firm to help you with this. To get the most out of this new program, it would be highly beneficial for you to start out on the right track, and you will have a better chance of doing this if you have someone helping you. Here are three ways a human resources consultant could help you through this transition.

Choose the Right Program

According to recent studies, employee wellness programs offer key benefits to employers if the employees take part in them. Some of the benefits you could reap as an employer include:

  • Your employees will be healthier.
  • Healthier employees call off work less and are more productive.
  • Healthy employees stay at the companies they are at for longer periods of time, which offers a lower turnover rate.

As you prepare to start a wellness program, it's vital to choose a program that would offer the most benefits to your employees, because this will directly benefit you. You should realize that you can customize your wellness program to fit the needs of your employees, and talking to a consulting firm is a great way to find out how to select the right program.

Make It Easy and Beneficial

The program you choose should be easy for employees to use and should be beneficial to them. To achieve these goals, you may want to offer:

  • Health screenings at the workplace – This could be a certain day of the week when a doctor visits your business. Employees are encouraged to spend a few minutes with the doctor asking questions or seeking advice.
  • Onsite health meetings – Have a health professional host meetings weekly or monthly at your company. The professional can talk about topics such as smoking cessation, the importance of exercise, or activities that are beneficial for the heart.
  • Workout area – A gym at your business could let your employees work out before or after work, or on their breaks.

Each activity you offer should be one that is helpful in some way to your employees.

Educate the HR Employees

Finally, with any type of new program you start, it is vital for your employees to understand how it works. One of the best ways to do this is to have your consultant educate your HR employees. Make sure these employees fully understand how the program works and all the activities that are offered.

Your employees will go to the HR department for questions, and having a knowledgeable HR staff could help increase the number of employees that participate in the new program.

To learn more about wellness programs or other issues relating with human resources, contact a consulting firm that specializes in human resources management, such as Dynamic Dialog.