What To Look For In An Employment Screening

Hiring someone for a job is a big risk. If your employee quits, then you are looking at quite the expense when it comes to replacing the employee. First, you have to consider lost time. With one employee gone, you can be looking at a significant loss in productivity. Then you have to worry about training a new employee. Until the employee has the proper training, you will still not have the same level of productivity. When you consider all of these costs, you are looking at total costs of up to 20% of your lost employee's salary. With this in mind, you should take your employee screening process very seriously. 

Drug Checks

Someone who is on drugs can create a huge liability for your company. Moreover, drug abuse can lead to erratic behavior and criminal activity. Losing an employee to drugs is a horrible price to pay. Thus, you should screen carefully for drugs before you hire someone. While urine analysis is a popular way to screen for drugs, you can get more accurate results by using a hair test

Fact Checking a Resume

If a resume sounds too good to be true, there's a good chance that it is. In a competitive job market, people will do whatever they can to get a job, including trying to make themselves look better than what they are. Statistics suggest that 50% of resumes are not completely truthful. Thus, verifying what you find on a resume is always a good thing. 

Credit Checks

Debt and bad credit can put people in desperate straits. When people are desperate, they tend to make bad choices. Checking someone's credit history can tell you a lot about a person. It can give you insight into their integrity and self-control. But to make a credit check, you need to get a future employee's consent. 

These are just a few steps that you should take as an employer before you hire someone for a job. Considering how complicated it can be to thoroughly screen an employee, consider hiring someone to do the work for you. An professional employment screening company will have resources and experience that will help you to find out more about a future employee than you likely could on your own. Although hiring a screening company represents an additional cost, if it helps you to avoid the costs associated with losing an employee, the price is worth it.