Qualities To Look For In A Leadership Development Speaker

When the time comes to gather up your employees for an all-company meeting or retreat, your first and most challenging concern is how to keep your employees focused, motivated, and interested in the speeches, lectures, and activities you have planned. After all, you know what it is like to sit silently through boring meetings and lectures, half paying attention and half trying not to let your wandering mind lull you to sleep. Read More 

Optimize Your Company’s Supply Chain With This Simple Three-Step Process

As your company grows, it becomes even more important that you consider the efficiency with which it's running. Small changes that were once good for the company may now be hindering its growth, and changes that were once considered large may now be insignificant. Below is a simple three-step process to help you to optimize your company's supply chain. Step #1: Identify Problem Areas It's easy to see there's something wrong, but it's harder to narrow down exactly what those somethings are. Read More