What To Look For In An Employment Screening

Hiring someone for a job is a big risk. If your employee quits, then you are looking at quite the expense when it comes to replacing the employee. First, you have to consider lost time. With one employee gone, you can be looking at a significant loss in productivity. Then you have to worry about training a new employee. Until the employee has the proper training, you will still not have the same level of productivity. Read More 

How To Improve At Network Marketing For The Company That You Work For

If you have become a business owner through one of the many famous network marketing companies that are out there, you are probably looking forward to a long and prosperous career in the industry. It's true that you can make a lot of money with network marketing businesses, such as the ones that sell makeup, kitchenware and other products, but you have to know what you are doing. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to improve your skills and become better a network marketing, regardless of which company you are working for. Read More 

Radon Remediation in the Home

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that's present in some soil and water, but exposure to radon can also increase the risk of lung cancer. Having the radon levels in your home tested is essential. If the radon levels are too high, it's necessary to take steps to remove the radon from your house. This will reduce your risk of lung cancer, and it's a fairly easy process to have someone come to your house and install a radon removal system. Read More 

3 Tips For Starting An Employee Wellness Program

If your company is preparing to launch a new employee wellness program, you may want to hire a human resources (HR) consulting firm to help you with this. To get the most out of this new program, it would be highly beneficial for you to start out on the right track, and you will have a better chance of doing this if you have someone helping you. Here are three ways a human resources consultant could help you through this transition. Read More 

Qualities To Look For In A Leadership Development Speaker

When the time comes to gather up your employees for an all-company meeting or retreat, your first and most challenging concern is how to keep your employees focused, motivated, and interested in the speeches, lectures, and activities you have planned. After all, you know what it is like to sit silently through boring meetings and lectures, half paying attention and half trying not to let your wandering mind lull you to sleep. Read More